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Posted:I've recently been working hard on many aspects of my spinning, and I've done a bunch of workshops in Israel, mostly for corporate events and birthday parties, but I've held a few good ones geared at other spinners/jugglers.

I'm planning on going to Sweden for Camp Burn Yourself, and to Finland for the EJC, and I'm thinking of organizing some workshops while I'm there.
The workshops themselves aren't my problem, I have a few questions on everything else:

1. Will I need a work permit to host a (paid) workshop for about 5-15 people?
2. As for a venue, I would ideally prefer a gym or a dance studio which I can rent for a day, what should I search for online?
3. Alternatively, if I decide to hold outdoors workshops, what do I need in terms of permits and licenses?
4. Any major Swedish/Finnish Fire community websites I should know about?

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Posted:1. usually people doing such piddly bits of work don't bother in any country that I have ever heard of. (Apart from USA, where the venerable Nick Woolsey got banned for many years, apparently when the border goblins googled his name and found evidence he was going to run some workshops there. They also detained, seriously harrassed the lovely Japanese spinner Shion for 30 hours then deported him as they thought he MIGHT busk ??! But the USA is one of the worst countries for that sort of thing.)

2. Right, back on topic... really the best thing would seem to be to make serious contact with the local community. Gyms, school halls and other good venues are more likely known by locals than advertised on the internet.

3. One-off outdoors workshops are hazardous as they can be affected by weather, random invaders, and are horrible for acoustics and 100 other reasons. Much better is an indoors space where people can go outside to play.

4. If you are coming from outside a local community I suggest you seriously need the support and blessing of that community to make workshops work. In that part of the world for instance it might be good to be in touch with eg Salza? Also, you are trying to do paid workshops at a time when major other events are on. That means that people are already paying for an event (and of course at EJC there will be heaps of workshops included in the cost). Plus it means the local community will be busy before/tired after. Might be better to use that time to establish your local contacts them come back do them when there isn't so much competition.

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