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Posted:I've had my Poi just over a week now and admittedly I've been learning somewhat slowly so far. I'm not the most coordinated individual in the world but I've been having fun.

Currently I'm running into a problem with spinning one Poi backwards and another forwards. I'm learning "low wave" and I can do it on the right well, and on the left ok, but only one side at a time. I can't get the hang of having both Poi going forwards and flipping one to behind. My other arm just stops. Does anyone have any advice on how to learn how to do this? Tips welcome, thank you so much.

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Posted:Welcome to the addictive world of Poi grin

The best advice I can give on this is to start spinning both Poi forwards, then stop your weakest hand and spin that backwards for one or 2 turns, then stop, reverse, so both hands going forwards again, and then stop your strongest hand and start spinning backwards for a coupld of turns. Keep doing this, each time increasing the amount of times you do the opposite roataion.

When you have them doing opposites start by doing them same time, then as you get more cofident with that slowly start splitting it so you are doing opposite split time.

I say start with your weakest hand because that is the hardest to train, so (in my oppinion) if you start training your weaker hand first, it may take a little longer, but will be harder to get the co-ordination the longer you leave it to train. (This, I apply to everything I learn with poi).

I hope this helps smile

Happy spinning and welcome to HoP.

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Posted:much of the practice practice practice! grin it can be a bit frustrating sometimes when one hand won't do what you want (my left hand is completely unco sometimes!!!) but yeah, you just gotta keep at it & then one day you will just *get* it & then it's all YAY!!!!!!! grin

good luck & have fun! weavesmiley

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Posted:Yeah, I have troubles with certain movements, like spinning both reverse or moving around with "reverse" butterfly patterns with the Poi. Except behind my back butterfly, but that's when it's forward in front of me. smirk Well, these kind of things is why Poi is so addictive and so fun when you finally get them grin Like one day certain stalls will just come to you. Awesome feeling indeed.

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