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Posted:Well. I have too much on my place. I'm learning all of my moves again, solidifying them up so I fill the gaps that I was missing. I'm learning tons of transitions. All the moves I've learned in the last three months I have to learn in the other direction, there's a handful of moves I just started to learn, I just taught myself hyperloops (FINALLY) so I have a lot or work to do with them and I got a lot of non-spinning work ahead of me. So I figured... what better time to pile on another move that has been plaguing me forever and drives me insane?

Barrel roll!

I've watched a few videos and I can get the first poi in and using what seems to be the best motion, force the other poi through once... but if I try to maintain it for more than one spin it just gets all jumbled. Anyone have any tips or tricks? How do you guys go into them? Is anyone else having these problems? Thanks!

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Posted:ok, these drove me in sane when i learned them, but if you just figured out your hyperloops your already half way there. What might help is to start doing your hyper loops as close to your handles as you can untill they are praticly twisting at your finger tips. then try to let one poi hit your hand do the hyper loop motion with out the poi acctully tangeling. you will notice(hopefully) that the motion is almost exactly the same.

If that doesn't help let me know.
you might also want look at the videos in the inversions section of the learn page if you haven't already. the 3beat weave inversion will show you how to move in and out of the barrel roll and the inverted buzz saw will show you how to stay in one.

hope this helps. it does take alot of working at, so dont give up.


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Posted:If I recall, isolated buzzsaws help as well. You just need to move the centre of isolation from a point between your hands to around your arms.

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