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It's the end of October, it's getting bloody cold up here in Scotland and it seems like it's time again to give the gift of spinny awesome in video form!

Yes, you too can make someone else happy with the gift of DATA! Data in video form, containing, really whatever. Maybe make it to do with spinning... I don't mind.

And yes, this year, POI is allowed also! wink No really it is, as is, CJ, Clubs and cubble-ling, juggling, staffing, doing the other things with fire, everything that goes in a circle or is a circle in profile is all good this year. Obviously some of you tried it last year, but this year acceptable.

So what are the RULES? Well make a video, post it on XMAS eve at midnight ish. Simple.

For all you druids, xmas is the 25th of december.

For everyone not in my timezone, post it at local XMAS time. That way some of us get our presents early! While others bemoan the lack of anyone making videos on time... yay!

So one more time:

1) Make a video.
2) Post it on XMAS like a present.
3) Make other spinners happy.

You've got two months, so you could make a backup (durbs) if you really want.

But for me, this is one of the only two times a year i really put any effort into makeing a video... so I quite enjoy it.

Your videos can be as Christmas themed as you like... or chrimborg themed if you like, with you in a box wars outfit as a chrimborg spinning warrior... er yeah. Actually I think this years theme should be Comedy. So if it's funny, you're funny, or you're having fun making it... that's all good. Theme = Comedy. Yay.

[Anybody with difficulty can message me with questions like: Can I send you footage and you edit it? Answer: Yes. Can I visit you and get you to make a video of me? Answer: Yes. Can I Marry you? Answer: Nope.]

I may even make a symbolic christmas tree this year... maybe next year I'll try for an advent calendar of object manipulation awesomeness...


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