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  Posted: Hi Everyone!!

Hope you all dont mind me posting!!

I cant believe there are so many people on this forum when i have searched for a week and cant find anyone in my area!! smile

I am arranging a halloween party at my fish and chip shop in Weston Super Mare, we have recently re-opened and i want to do a special evening with free face painting, half price food and a tarot card reader etc and im looking for some sort of performer to liven up the evening and attract new customers.
Although the evening will be great publicity for us, all profits will be going to charity (cancer research or Weston hospicecare)
Most of the customers will likely be adults and children, we would probably need someone to do the hours from 7-9pm but that is all negotiable.
I like the idea of a fire entertainer as they look great, or an LED perfomer (excuse me if thats not what their called!!) there would be sufficient room on thr forecourt of the fish and chip shop and a section can be roped off as safety is paramount.
The performer must have their own insurance, although we have public liability im not sure it would cover a performer!!

If you are interested and you have an act suitable for halloween, please email me and we can discuss prices etc,

Im getting nervous now as i havent got a performer (as your all so hard to find) and i need to advertise asap!!!
Thank you guys and girls!!


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  Posted:Arghhh Stress trying to find some one!!

Does any one know of any local companies that do anything??


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  Posted:try - they might be able to put you in touch with someone and they are local. smile