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Posted:so here we are.... all is mellow, the cyber cafe is empty, LOADS of bandwith available... let it be sunshine or rain, doesn't matter...

got all prepared and all files on USB.... vids to upload, sitting down, plug it in, sip on a chai..... upload is progressing slightly towards 50% (mmmmm, goes really fast) putting big FAT grin on me face...

when one after the other starts trickling in... umm

every workstation occupied within 10 minutes... the progress bar starts slowing down... peek to neighbors screen... umm 5 browsers open.... (dude, Firefox lets you use t.a.b.s. - however)... MS messenger... one lady starts talking "uh, hello? Hello? HEllo? Can you hear meeeee? HELL-oh?" ( wink ).... Skype

upload is 75% complete... Another dude roams in "you got wireless?" ..... 78% upload... "yes, Sir".. he connects his laptop

upload freezes at 84% (gasp)

that's now the 5th time it happens...

cry when will I get these vids uploaded to FB and YouTube? head sinks onto the keyboard.......

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Posted:awwww poor tom frown

i would lend you my internets but it might get lost in the post smirk

you should go really early in the morning!

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