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Posted:Hi, I'm wondering if someone could tell me the proper way to attach wicks to these Fire Fan frames from Home Of Poi. I'm using the 100mm x 3.2mm kevlar wicks. If someone could tell me what other materials I need and the best way to attach these I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Posted:I suggest looping the kevlar through the hook and stitching it on then wrapping it round and then using Kevlar Thread to stitch the kevlar into place as it can't be bolted on pushing the thread through the whole wick so it doesn't come off when the thread on the outside gets burnt through.

I've not had to change wicks on Fire Fans yet though so You may want someone with a bit more experience in those. but that's the way I'd do it with quite a long strong needle.

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Posted:Yeah Mynci is correct.
Put one end of the kevlar through the middle of each U. Stich it to itself so you have the kevlar stiched around the U (it would still slide off the bottom, but you stop that after wards). Wrap the kevlar round, and stitch it it to itself to stop it unwinding.