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I just finished uploading a bunch of tutorials on double staff to the HOP library.
I'd like some feedback on the ones I've made, what can I improve (other than the sound quality, I'll fix that when I get a good mic), and if you have any requests for more tutorials ask here and I'll add them to my list.
Double Staff Tutorials at HOP library


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What an awesome contribution Asaf!

One comment which might improve your vids - consider the contrast between foreground and background. In your warm-up vid you are dark against a bright background. While it is not a really bad case (I can still use your video no worries) it might be something to consider when shooting more. Depending on what you are demonstrating, you might like to consider the contrast between your sticks / poi and your clothing too. I don't know how well it could work, but I always wondered whether using fluro coloured toys in a lighting situation where there is normal light and some UV light might bring up the luminescence of the toy relative to everything else in the shot.

A higher frame rate on the video would be nice - Again, just something to consider.

but really - well done for this. Thanks! smile

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_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
bastard child of satan
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Josh, I've noticed the sticks not being visible against a black shirt at times. I'll try using silver glitter tape to make them more visible. Or maybe borrow my old white practice doubles my friend currently has.

As for the frame rate, that's problematic considering the 19mb filesize limit, seeing as these vids are roughly 15mb (the long ones are, anyway)

I'm gonna start filming the next batch tomorrow.
Throws are gonna be problematic where I'm filming right now, and I can't think of an open quiet spot I can use frown

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great work!!!

thank you very much clap

love and sunshine

Enjoy :-) Flambal Olek Feuershow