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Posted:Hi there,

I'm a researcher for the Food Network show Glutton for Punishment and I'm trying to find someone to teach the host of our show, Bob Blumer how to do some basic poi or staff moves.

Would you have any interest in being involved in the show? We are hoping to film the scene next Tuesday, September 15th, between 4pm and 6pm. If you would prefer not to be a part of the show, can you recommend any staff or poi teachers who might be interested?

Many thanks!
Caitlin Dowling
604 873 9777 ext.260

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Posted:Hmmm... Nick Woolsey ( would be the first obvious suggestion, but I'm not sure he is in Canada at the minute...

Andrea maybe... or if not, she might have some suggestions?

There's lots of great fire spinners in the US at the minute, post Burning Man.

No doubt someone will post here soon...

Best wishes and good luck smile

(I'd love to... but I'm in Ireland :D)

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Posted:I would too but i'm in 'Straya frown

I shall manifest a teacher for you smile


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