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Posted:Chocolate Martini has organised a fashion show in the South of France on the 5th Sep showcasing summer 2010 and the new Chocolate Martini etail site. It promises to be a wonderful and eventful afternoon/evening with DJ, photographer and singer as well as great fashion in a beautiful setting. The backdrop is a view out over the Cote d'Azur which is just stunning. There will be some great press coverage and there is a chance that Bono from U2 will be there (its looking likely). The show is for the benefit of RED (which is the charity that Bono started) see which is focused on fighting AIDS in Africa. It's really quite frightening how many people, young and old alike, are dying in Africa from Aids.

Anybody interested in coming and performing in the evening? We can't promise payment but we can promise fun! If the sounds of being involved in a glamorous fashion show takes anyones fancy then get in touch with me, Blaise at I can also guarantee chocolate cake... We're trying to do this on a budget with profits heading to charity so if anyone can throw some free entertainment our way that would be amazing. Everyone loves fire so it'd be a hit for sure.

If you want a look at the type of fashion we are get a look on

Thanks guys!

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