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Sir Nuggit II

Sir Nuggit II

The sequel
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Posted:...went to a meet that wasn't a festival?

When and how was it?

And where the hell is the events and gathering section for the UK? [wonders what has happened since on his crusades!]

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Huggy Tart
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Posted:All the meets and gatherings type stuff for all over is in here.....
Never been to a spinning meet of any sort really!! Other than Regents Park with you lol

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Posted:gosh... the last meet was for organizing a festival... laugh3

I really am not sticking around long enough to get on meetings... shall do this weekend... Berlin - Mauerpark


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Posted:well here in toronto i spun was tuesday, witch was my first burn *yay me* but i go to meets every tuesday and every sunday and frm now on i am going to be burning on all of these days smile

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