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Posted:Does anyone on here spin in Central Jersey? I usually spin alone or friends just watch, but no one really appreciates it like other spinners... and I find it extremely educational to watch and talk to other spinners. I staff, spin poi, and use devil sticks. I'm always down to hang out and play with fire so hit me up!
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Posted:Hey Eddie, glad to stumble upon the forums at the right time. I live in the freehold area, send me a PM or reply back on the forums or something. I do poi, some staff work, whip, some meteors, a bit of juggling, and I'm starting in on fire knife, its like staff 2.0

Hit me up before summer is out.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


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Posted:yeo man. im from south jersey but im more than willing to travel to meet up with another spinner. you are right about that only other spinners appreciate it as much. give me a shout if you wanna meet up sometime.


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