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my first poi show video smile

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Posted:welcome to Hop Donjugan

in the taskbar, there are a few buttons - to insert smileys, links to websites and eMails, pictures and.... tadaa: "media tags", this one you can use to embed your YouTube vid. With the disadvantage of people possibly not rating or subscribing...

Good to see Bulgaria spinning (I assume), the EJC in Ptui was packed with spinners from Eastern Europe smile

as for performance: when doing flowers, straighten your arms wink
nice spinning up, behind the head. try to use this and the shoulder-level more often. It's looking a bit awkard when you bend over most of the time

I only watched the first 2 minutes of your performance because the connection is a bit slow today (and me is busy) yet I'd suggest you create a workflow of moves to present in an order, until they come naturally smile

as for video taping: choose a dark or homogenous background, it's distracting to have people and traffic in the back - unless it's intended smile

pull focus once and then switch the camera to "manual focus" - this way the lens is not pulling all the time due to low light wink

Keep spinning bro smile

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink