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Posted:Hi everyone ^.^)
Names Clayton and I spin Poi, now Im just wondering if anyone is interested in starting up a meet somewhere in Wollongong on a regualr basis or something? Now Ive gone through all the posts I could find about previous meets and there all over a year old or More, so I though it would be a good idea to start up a new thread to let people know whats happening in The Gong.
Anyway all are welcome, Poi spinners, people with staffs, flags, photographers, yoga, meditation, musicians, acrobats or people who would want to come along and play frisby. Like seriously all friendly people are welcome. Anyway just throwing it out there, lets hope this thing can get started soon. Id love to meet some new people and learn some new tricks and hopefully teach some others if i can ^.^)

Hey anyone want to e-mail me at but please write subject as poi, i get alot of junk mail and will most likely delete it if i think its not important thatnx ^.^)

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