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Since Firedrums, my mind has melted, and part of what I have reshaped the goo into follows:

The Unit circle can be used to create three forms when spinning in a 1:1 ratio. That is, the poi makes one complete revolution in the same amount of time that the hand completes one revolution.

These three forms, as we know are

and Cateye

but these forms are created all assuming something. They all assume that there is no change in the direction of the hand throughout the completion of the cycle.

with one change of direction per cycle two forms can be created.

Half cateye half isolation -
I have been calling these fangs...kuz thats kinda what they look like, whatever you wanna call em. The easiest way to make this form is with the bottom half of a vertical cateye, and the top half of an isolation. your hand switches back and forth across the bottom half of the unit circle, in a kind of "West Side story" manner.

Its definitely possible to poleshift this form towards and to horizontal, but the upward directions are quite challenging.

the other form is......wait for it.....wait for it........ok you guessed it

Half extention half cateye -
Uh....its a little more than a semi-circle. It looks like a lense. I think the easiest one of these is with the top half of an extention and the bottom half of a horizontal cateye. your hand traces the top of the circle...

Its a little tricky to get the vertical cateye variations going.

Finally, the last unit circle form
2 Direction changes of the hand, per revolution of the poi.

Im not really sure if this one is possible, but in theory it works.

your hand traces back and forth across one quarter of the unit circle.
you get one quarter isolation, one quarter horizontal cateye, one quarter extention, one quarter vertical cateye.

its like if you took a right triangle, and inflated a little bit.

I dont have a name for this one....but there you go, 3 more unit circle patterns, i think the last three.

so to list all 6 unit circle forms once more, organized by the number of changes of direction of the hand per cycle:



and the holy censored pattern

BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN! and who is gonna come up with some gnarly patterns that I have to learn.

*hugs n guts*


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Whoah. *mind blown*

I get what you are saying, but my cat-eyes are nowhere near good enough to play with this stuff yet.

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Hey, Tank!

I'm pretty sure I've done the "fang" accidentally a few times without really assigning a name to it as I've played with isolated pendulums, but the other variants strike me as an interesting application of this idea.

I'm actually thinking we can take this a step further: I've long been playing with the idea of seeing pendulums as being just another type of ellipse. If one were to see the world from the perspective of the poi, one would travel an arc left-to-right then right-to-left (or top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top) regardless of if you were in pendulum or spin motion. The only thing that makes a pendulum different in this perspective from the circles we're used to seeing is that from our frame of reference, one of these arcs travels above our hand and one travels below. As far as the poi head is concerned, however, there's no difference.

So take the "fang" idea you posted earlier and let's erase both the idea that it has to maintain the same direction and also the idea that it has to complete an arc both above and below the plane of the hand. One can still create the "fang" you're describing by completing the top-half of a cateye and immediately isolating back over the top of the circle--thus the poi head draws the bottom side of a circle instead of the hand.

A variant on this idea would be to do the top half of a cateye and allow the poi head to catch up with the hand into an extension pattern, retrace the top half of the circle before returning once again to cateye, making essentially a miniature CAP pointed straight up.

Part of what I like about unit circle patterns is how easily they mesh together to create interesting looking hybrid forms. Are there any interesting hybrid patterns that have jumped out of these patterns for you so far?



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I havent gotten much of a chance to work with two poi at once with them yet....

but with one poi, I have been using this to draw an isolation inside a cateye...
bottom of the cateye, isolate a circle at the middle, top of the cateye, isolate a circle at the middle.

also, I have been trying to do one fang, one isolation, so your hands switch between split same and together opposite. drawing one isolated circle (two halves) and then one fang thing with the top of an isolation and the bottom of a cateye.

i think it could get really interesting doing a horizontal fang, and a vertical lense shape.

the use of pendulums here is really interesting, instead of changing your hands direction, pausing to allow the poi to change directions to invert a portion of the pattern.

also it would be interesting to do two fangs, with different directionality, and changing them, so one horizontal and one vertical, and switching, or getting the upwards one, and doing one up one down, and having the up one, "tick" down, and once it reached down starting the bottom one going up.

Thats all of got so far.

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When I read that, I thought it was going to be insanely hard. I can do the fang and lense with both poi in over hand opposites, but they're both a little sketchy. Thanks for the ideas Tankboy.

So, what's up?

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you can also change the direction of the poi and do 1/2 cat eye 1/2 pendulum and move your hand in a full circle. i think this might be upside down too because you can do upside down pendulums O_o