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Posted: Hello fellow spinners,
does anyone know of any juggling conventions/workshops/events or any 'get together" where I could hook up and learn new stuff with fellow spinners going to happen anywhere in Thailand within the next few months?

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Posted:I'm thinking about moving to Thailand this spring. What is the fire community like in Thailand?





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Posted:First check in Bangkok at the corner Pra Sumen / Pra Artit (the park with the white fort near Kao SArn Road) late afternoon/ early evening the jugglers and spinners meet there.

Oud's Juggling Cafe is near Riverline Guesthouse - a 5 minutes walk further away from the park.

Then you will meet spinners on all islands and beaches around Thailand. Strongest "community" might be in Koh PhaNgan and Koh PhiPhi (also very touristic places)...

AndreaLee is currently organizing a poi/ juggling camp near the Burma border for refugees but I don't have details.

Consider contacting her by PM here... _Clare_ might also have informations on how to contact Andrea.

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Posted:I just got back from 3 weeks travelling around thailand, mainly sticking to the andaman coast though. I was trying to avoid the heavily tourist/populated areas like phuket/koh phi phi etc and consequently didn't meet many spinners. Spent most of my time explaining what they were to curious locals who hadn't seem them before tongue2

I had a great time spinning at Tonsai near Railay, alot of reggae bars that had permanent slacklines for day fun, and fireshows every night. Was only there for a couple of days but ran in to a few jugglers as well which was great.

It was really pretty easy to keep meeting people along the way, just by keeping my eyes out for other people spinning or just having some toys with and having people approach. Was a lot of fun...

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is a group in Thailand,

checkout the Global Fire Guide at its a global directory of active fire communities

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