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Posted:Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2009 Announcement

The FNWC is an online video tournament, organised by the Freechaku Federation through

Nunchaku artists from around the world create three minute videos demonstrating their style, ability and artistry. The entries are seeded and then randomly drawn into eight groups*. Members of the freestyleforum nunchaku community vote for their favorite videos, which progress into a video play-off to find our 2009 World Champion. (*may be increased if the number of participants exceeds expectation)

2009 will be the second year the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup has taken place, and the fifth video tournament organised by the Freechaku Federation since 2007. With every tournament the bar has been raised and last years Champion, young Frenchman Michael Magi (AKA Sixtyfourwarrior) faces stiff competition for this year's trophy pair of custom built nunchaku.

See last year's finalists:
- Sixtyfourwarrior

- NinjaRob

- ChuckNasty

1. Video must not be longer than 3 minutes. ( + 3 second, for unexpected lengthening on uploading).
2. Video must state clearly at the beginning:
- participant's name or online username
- nation the participant wants to represent
- the name of the video (if not stated it will be referred to as 'paticipant's video')
3. Video must not include more than 10 seconds of footage that has been used in a previous Freechaku Federation competition.
4. The majority of the video must include nunchaku usage.

And that's it, it's that simple! Which means...
- Videos can be one uncut shot of a three minute performance, or they can be edited compilations of different performances.
- Video can use slow-motion to highlight difficult, fast moves
- Videos can use other video editing techniques for artistic effect
- Videos can include use of staffs, poi, swords and other props as long as the majority is nunchaku
- Videos can have stories

It's all up to you! Just have some fun! Check out some of the award winning videos from last year:
Fastest Nunchaku of FNWC08 -

Best Video Editing of FNWC08 -

Most Fluid Nunchaku of FNWC08 -

Most Humorous Video of FNWC08 -

The World Cup is not just for the most dedicated nunchaku artists, participants of all level are involved. For those already members of the community it's a great opportunity to show the rest of us how you've been getting on and for new members it's the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself. There's definitely no bias in the voting against new members - last year Michael Magi entered as a newcomer and stormed his way to victory.

Sunday 11th January 2009 - Video submission deadline.
Monday 12th January 2009 - Groups are drawn
Tuesday 13th January 2009 - Voting begins

To vote in the world cup you must register for an account with - don't worry, it's completely free.
You must make one post in the forum to activate your voting privileges - why not introduce yourself in our welcome lobby?
This year we're trialing a new system to reward feedback - members who fill out a feedback form and send it to a Ballot Box get to make second bonus votes!

There must be at least four videos in each group.
Members vote for two videos in each group.

The winner of each group progresses through.
The 2nd place video of group A, plays-off with the 3rd place video of group B and vice versa.

The last sixteen enter into a play-off to find the Freestyle Nunchaku World Champion 2009.

The trophy will be a pair of nunchaku built to your specifications by Woodall's Custom Workshop, with an inlaid plaques of your name and Freestyle Nunchaku World Champion 2009.
The runner up will receive a pair of Precision Strikes' pro-chux.

After the World Cup a number of videos will be put up for member voting to receive special awards, such as fastest nunchaku or most humorous video.

Read the full version of this announcement here:

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Posted:I vote for Relli


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Posted:Originally Posted By: PojeI vote for Relli

Darn it


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Posted:Nice one Rob smile

I need to start practising with chux again smile

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Posted:Originally Posted By: PojeI vote for Relli

Haha that is so cool - thank you! grin tongue2

I'm not sure if I will be entering this year however, I skipped the last one - takes a lot of time to make the videos.

Will I see you at southern lights this year Poje?


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