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Hi there, friends of jugglery ! Here comes our third convention of " La Jongle Precise" in Precy sur Oise. After all those positives feedbacks you gave us since the first convention 3 years ago, we are willing and well-motivated to present you this year an even greater convention. As a result, it will last one more day than the previous years! 3 days of party, shows and concerts !
So take your weekend off on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June !

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Friday 5th

4pm : opening of the convention
6pm : welcome reception, free drinks
7pm : Show : 1st repsrentation ' cirque hybride' Compagnie les marche pieds' in the big top (lenght: 1h30)
9pm: Beltuner's concert : gipsy jazz
11pm : DJ electro

Saturday 6th
3pm: show: kids and teenagers members of the association
4pm: show : " les balles populaires" Gorky ( lenght: 45 minutes)
5pm: show:"Distorsion" Compagnie Lacher prise ( lenght : 25min)
6pm : show : 'Accordeobal" Compagnie Les Bestioles ( lenght : 20 minutes)
7pm : Open stage in the circus tent
9 pm: show ( waiting for confirmation )
10pm : Head Fish's concert ( festal ska)
1am : Dj electro

Sunday 7th
3pm; parade in the burg
4pm: jugglery games
5pm: show: 2nd reprenstation: " cirque hybride" compagnie les marche pieds' under the circus tent ( lenght: 1h30)

Price list
3-days pass : 15 euros :all the shows, concerts, camping, breakfasts
2days pass: 8 euros :all the shows( except ' le cirque hybride' ), concerts, camping, breakfasts
Le cirque hybride : adults:12e, children 8 euros
The price remains the same in pre inscription, however you will be offered a beer . To do so , you only need to ask us the form:
Please do it to make thin
Please do it to make things easier for the organisation of the convention

More information coming up on the website
e-mail : 06 03 03 70 49

additionnal information :
The place :
-We have at our disposal a big green parc " le parc des erables"
- A huge gymnasium , 300 meters away from the parc des erables, with a big main room, a dojo and a dancing room as well. It will be opened on the friday at 4pm to welcome the jugglers, and the camping as well.
- The camping is situated right behind the gymnasium

The catering:
it will be provided at ' le parc des erables'

showers and toilets at the gymnasium

Extra information:
As every year,The Elshop boutique will be there to sell jugglery equipment
Animals are not aloud on the sites of the convention, thank you
The ones willing to participate to the convention as volontary workers, artists or to run a workshop will be offered a free pass to the convention. Contact us by e-mail.

More information coming up,

thank you and see you soon

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