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Hey all, I recently started teaching myself single/contact staff. Learning pretty quickly thanks to all the available videos, but I'm having a hard time finding much info about antispin techs with a single staff. I met some girl who showed me the basic 4 point + sign antispin, but does anyone know where I can find videos about 5 point / figure 8 / more advanced anti spin techniques?

This is my first toy, so I don't have the benefit of poi knowledge to draw on smirk


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Imakokode does a lot of these...

There are some at about 2:10 in this video

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A couple thoughts about anti spin. One, I consider Noel Ski to be one of the best staff teachers and spinners in the world. There is a lot to be learned from watching him play.

The more beats you have in your anti-spin, the more times your staff will have to cross your body.

Hot Dam from Davis says that this: tribes.tribe.net/firefashion/photos/9b2888eb-ca7c-4d93-8e67-617552ad8574 is done by tracing a star with your hand rather then a circle. He also says it has something to do with your starting point being down.

In any staff flowers, each end makes a petal, so if you are doing a four petaled flower, each end of the staff makes two petals (an ellipse). If you are doing six petals, each end does three petals (a triangle).

MCP knows everything. [Old link]
check out the chart about a third of the way down the page: light-motion.net/download/staff-flowers.jpg

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Quick Note:
about myself and the prop I use: I personally play with a Fire Baton 800mm in length with a smallish diameter. When I do Antispin with a staff I am finger twirling and dont have a solid grip on the staff. There is however a technique to do Antispin with a closed grip.

Antispin: When your arms are doing a circle in the opposite direction as the staff is spinning.

Regarding Single Antispin
The pattern you will be creating is a cross + . Now if you think about this logically to create this pattern one head will be making a straight line up and down. The other a horizontal line moving back and forth. I find the best way to learn antispin is to concentrate on the Poi head moving on the horizontal line. If you can keep it moving straight on the horizontal line the other head will automatically be moving neatly up and down.

I personally do anti-spin with finger twirls and this is how I learnt the move. So if you can twirl the staff through your fingers continuously (index2pinky&around)if held in front of you the staff will be spinning anticlockwise(to your left) so all you need to do move your right hand clockwise. The slower you spin the easier it be for you to feel the move and see what you are doing.

See Single Antispin Picture

Regarding Double Antispin
Once you can do single antispin all one needs to do is either speed up the movement slightly and/or draw a bigger circle, Play with changing the speed and the circle size to) With finger twirling method the staff will travel through all your fingers and back to the starting position (Between Index&MiddleFinger)(assuming you can do 4 finger twirling)

(Below are the 3 Antispin patterns I can create with my Staff)

Single Antispin: (4 Points)

Non-Https Image Link

5 Petal Antispin:

Non-Https Image Link

6 Petal Antispin

Non-Https Image Link

7 Petal Antispin

Non-Https Image Link

8 Petal AntiSpin

Non-Https Image Link

I hope the above helps a little smile

I am working on creating some tutorial videos for single staff spinning. These will be put up on the Fire Desire website. I am still shocked how little there is on single staff spinning when contact staff and poi have millions.

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