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hey guys
If you check out my videos page you will find 3 new fire promo videos to watch.
feedback would be great
Fire performers from Juggling Inferno

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hamamelishamamelisBRONZE Member
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I tried to watch, but the site kept jamming up a few seconds into every video, gave me a link to imbed the vid, rather than playing the rest of it, then refused to load the website at all.

It could just be my computer having trouble, but I gave it a couple of goes.. smirk


If that's okay with you?

LazyAngelLazyAngelGOLD Member
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they work for me - I only get the embed thing if I click on the vid then clicking on the progress bar makes it resume..

I like the music, and the quality seems pretty good, although it looks like it's been shot on 2 different settings (one with a slightly slower framerate than the other or somesuch) - generally I prefer the one with less trails (IMHO trails should either be all out ala 'dervishly yers' flowers or just really high framerate - IF you've got the kit to do it)

So yeah pretty spanky videos, although Tim's (the other one) face at 1:59 on the (short) show video should have been photoshopped into a smile wink

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Originally Posted By: LazyAngel although Tim's (the other one) face at 1:59 on the (short) show video should have been photoshopped into a smile wink

What? Tim smile on camera? Never wink

Quite like the vids but not that keen on the music. The picture in picture stuff was a little cheesy too but i guess thats the nature of the business smile

Overall though, you can tell you put some effort into it so, win.

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