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Posted:As many of you may know, Zan Moore and I are nearing the last leg of post production on our new instructional poi DVD: Encycplopoidia 2, and we are shooting for a June release.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle is the need for translators, so we can subtitle in a few other languages. We are looking for French and Spanish translators, that have a good understanding of technical poi concepts and terminology. Possibly a Russian translator as well, although entering subtitles in Cyrillic characters is a ton of work, so Russian may not happen in time for the release.

Zan is pretty fluent in Spanish, and we have Burning dan helping with French, so we can handle some of the work load. We want to pair up with native speakers that can help ensure that the final proof doesn't sound like bad "ingrish".

The script is about 19 pages, with a fair amount of white space.

We can't pay you in money, only the honor and glory of working on an awesome project with us! Of course translators will get a free copy of the DVD, and their names in the credits.

If you think you can be commited to see this through, or know someone we should talk to, please PM Zan or myself ( Alien Jon ) ASAP.

+Alien Jon

+Alien Jon

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Posted:I can do it in Croatian smile


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Posted:i can do it in australian smile

oh wait.... sorry for wasting your time tongue2

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Posted:No. 'strine is a valid language. tongue2

I can do Afrikaans. Because there is such a market for that....

All the best Alien.

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