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wan hwo renmember
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I asked this question in a few other threads, but no answers. How often do the full moon and solstice fall on consecutive saturdays? I'm probably missing something but I worked it out like this:

solstice on a saturday - once every seven years
full moon 7 days before solstice once every 28yrs?
this makes me think that it must be a once every 7X28 = 196 years. or once every 98 years if the full moon falls 7 days after solstice.

That's not really factoring in leap years or the cycles of the moon so maybe I am wrong. Anybody have a better answer?

Does anybody else think that is as cool as I do? What plans do people have for the two days?

wan hwo renmember
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Location: I'm not sure

I guess I forgot to say what I am doing for full moon and solstice. Originally we had planned to have a second peace festival. photos from the first one:

It's summer though and a lot of band members are off travelling or visiting home so PeaceQuestII has been postponed. Instead we are having a beach gathering. The theme will still be peace, and it will happen inside a big stone peace sign. Peace can be a vague idea, I think harmony is a better term, but it becomes more of a possibility everytime people gather together to have fun and try to collectively define it. I hope people everywhere are trying to do something similar.


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I'll be spinning on new moon night, solstice sunrise and sunset. I'll also be putting my crystals in full moonlight to recharge them.

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King Of Bongoaddict
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sorry to be a dumbass, but when are they?
pretty sweet website, like the fiery peace sign!

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Thistleold hand
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This coming saturday 14th June is full moon. The following saturday 21st June is midsummer solstice in the northern hemisphere and midwinter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Are we nearly there yet?

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Full moons are the best!

If you wanna plan any sort of outside gathering, plan it on a full moon. From what someone told me...according to the Farmer's Almanac, it never rains on a full moon. For the past two years, I've been tracking it to see if it's true....and it has never ever rained...will rain the day before and the day after, but not on the exact day ... wooowwaaa party time!!!!

What am I doing? May end up down in Big Sur for an awesome outdoor tribal - drumming festival. Good ethnic music, camping and hallucinations

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