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Posted:We are proud to announce that a venue has been confirmed for BJC 2009. It will take place at the Hewett School in Norwich, starting on Wednesday 19th August and finishing Sunday 23rd

The School boasts 3 gyms, 3 halls, a swimming pool, loads of workshop space, ample parking and one of the largest open green spaces in Norwich. Camping will be on-site and hard standing is available.

We are currently putting together workshop and show timetables, and will be announcing confirmed tutors and acts in the near future.

All the previously planned events will be taking place - we'll let you know as details are confirmed.

There will be two performances of the Public Show, happening on the Saturday at OPEN24/7, a brand new venue in the city centre which is just 5 minutes away from our Juggling Games venue, The Forum.

Pre-registration is being arranged and will be available soon :-)

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Posted:Excellent news! Thanks for the update.


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Posted:Yay, thanks for letting us know!

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Posted:yey! clap bounce2

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Posted:time off being arranged ill be there on my lonsome lol

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Posted:yaaay, I've booked time off work for it. who else is coming along?


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