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Camp Fire; A Midwestern regional fire arts gathering.

A unique opportunity for the midwest fire community to come together. There will be 3 days of skill classes, demonstrations, prop making workshops, safety discussions, vending, and so much more!
Classes will cover everything from Poi, contact staff, double staff, devil sticks, hula hooping, fire breathing and lots more.

Friday May 15th 2009 to
Sunday May 17th 2009

This inspiring event takes place at the beautiful Pachyderm Studios located in
Cannon Falls Minnesota (just south of the twin cities). it is an entirely unique and peaceful work environment that is extraordinarily conducive to creativity and is an amazing place to camp.

Who should attend:
Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Classes, and the entire event, will be geared towards ALL levels of experience. Come learn and play with us!

Tuition yet to be determined based on interest. Website will be brought up soon with a pre-registration opportunity available. Pre-registration will be required. Please be patient while the website is being finished.

Where can I find more information?:
Facebook Event Page
Myspace Event Profile
The Camp Fire Website will be up and running in the next couple weeks.

Why should I attend?:
-This is going to be a large scale gathering of like minded people,
who share an interest in the spinning arts.
-Attending workshops taught by seasoned performers is a guaranteed way to improve your abilities.
-You get to hang out with the Midwests top teachers and fire artists!
-You get to play with fire with tons of other people!
-It only comes once a year! =O

If you're interested AT ALL(even just a tiny bit)
in attending Camp Fire,
post up a response either here,
on facebook, or on myspace.
Depending on the amount of response we get attendance may be limited.

I will be teaching several courses here, and I look forward to meeting all you HomeOfPoi members in May!

You play with fire,
You're going to get burned.

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