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Has Anyone tried this product out? How is there controlability. Pros and Cons. I'm looking into buying a pair but I haven't found any info online about them.
Thank you

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I have glanced at them but i'm still content with my 5-prong Fire Fans grin

I would say that you may have some balance issued compared to a symmetrical fan but according to the schematics they are lighter than both the 5-prong symmetrical fan and the rope kevlar symmetrical fan, so if you are of small frame you may find them the easiest to lift smile

Other than that I cannot offer much more advice. Perhaps you can be the first to purchase them and be the guru of phoenix fire wings? wink



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They look rad but spinning them off should be an adventure to say the least.

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Location: ma usa

Thank you for everyone that replied to me. I did break down and buy them. So with my initial investigation : THey are fairly light and are easy enough to spin. the only place that there odd shape has been throwing me is with tight turns like in a weave pattern which im sure will be refined with practice.

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I too have been oggling the phoenix wings.

Could you elaborate on how you're handling them now a few months later? Or did you just put them away after a few sessions never to touch them again?

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