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Posted: For the last week or two I've been training balancing on one foot then working that into Poi, and it's starting to pay off pretty well.
I mean, I've been training 1 foot balance casually my entire life, as most people prone to dance probably did growing up, but only after training it specifically for Poi is it really becoming apparent in the dancing aspect of Poi, like I might go off from a leg shift and just not touch down on the other side because I simply don't need to.
From leg transitions, not touching down opens up a lot of possibilities for artistic leg transitions into shifts which need two feet.

I don't know, this is just my experience, what are yours?

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Posted:My experience with this is limited. I'm not very stable on my feets... but I do really love lifting a leg and placing it on or around my knee while doing up/down stalls in the middle, while 'pinning' my head to the Poi travelling up and slightly across so that the Poi appears to draw me into that position.

Or going into a similar position in a double horizontal stall with the Poi on each side of me which I then turn into a plane change and do a bit of a whirling step when I put my foot down, making my body do a 180, or a 360, depending on the desired effect (And my level of comfort on the ground I'm on.)



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Posted:When you can balance in this way try to extend your leg and keep it straight for a little while, If you can hold this pose long enough you can do very nice weaves under the leg.

If you practice extending a leg to the back while leaning forward you can weave or butterfly behind your back to give a birdlike image.

Or you could learn how to make large jumps.

seriously, one foot balance is always a good thing to train when working with Poi. it can give you static poses that have a dramatic effect on the crowd and can give you some breathing time between dance routines.

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