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Over the past 5 years, hundreds of people have given up their time, effort and hard earned cash to make Psycle what it is - So id just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped out. You really have made something special.

And an even bigger thank you goes out to the thousands of you that have joined in the party shenanigans and made Psycle's atmosphere so amazing! Hopefully we can keep making you smile :-)

So in march - we are moving away from psychedlia (as much as we can) and open the floods gates for some south park actions.... super pretty please come in fancy dress!

< The Line Up> < Residents Night >

-> Main Room - Psychedelic Bus Stop

Gary Normal (2TO6 Records/ DJ set)
Hyperion Mode (Live set)
Aeon (Live Set)
Petran (Producer set)
Strawberry Jam (Intercontinental Set)

-> Back Room - Dirty DnB in Imagination Land

DJ Lobes
Sonic Nights (Profound B2B DPi)
Plucking Skanker (Live Set)

-> Silky Lashings in Chef's Bedroom

FingerFlaps (Special Mashup Set)
Silent Sound & Chilly (Live Set)
PinchBottom B2B Lazy Sausage B2B Babylon's Loins
Sir Chumpalot (Wanging It Out set)

More DJs TBC...

please bring ya toys - bring ya face paint - bring ya drums and Bring ya mum! This is gonna be the night of the year... so far :-)

Decor By Psycle Productions
Sound By Vital Audio (Custom Rig) & PF Audio (Funktion1 Rig)
Lighting By Metempsychosis
VJing by Vyrus Visuals
Graphic Flyer spankings by PixelPunch

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Total posts: 24
Posted:Bumpage - This Saturday folks!!


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