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I would like to send a hoop up to my cousin who lives in QLD but I am having trouble finding the right way to do so. Im also thinking about selling a few hoops from my web site so this is really a test run to see if posting them works well.

I have read that in the US there are various methods you can post them which end up being well under $20.

At all of the places I have tried the hoop is either too big or they want to charge around $40+ per hoop which makes me think i might be looking in the wrong places because that just doesn't sound right, the hoop is not very heavy and the package would not take up much space at all.

Im sure I remember having a unicycle which would be much heavier shipped to me from some where in Australia for well under $40.

The hoop is 60" in diameter and the pipe used is only 3/4 of an inch thick the hoop is also quite light.

So I guess what I'm asking is has any one got any tips on posting props within Australia, with out breaking the bank?

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