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Posted:Okay I'm kinda new to poi, and I saw some pictures on flowtoys.com of letters made with poi and was wondering if you guys knew were I could find a lesson or some advice on "writing" letters with poi. Here is an example of what I mean.

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I am somewhat new to Poi but I love it!

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Posted:you need glow toys, and a long exposure picture.

he's not spinning, he's just writing words in the air with the glowpoi. the camera lens is open for a long time, which is why he looks like a ghost smile

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Posted:Unless you want to write 'o' of course wink

Other letters rarely come out looking right if you're actually watching, but yeah, if you take slow exposure photos, you can get letters. I tried messing around with it a bit after getting some pretty neat letters purely by coincidence in fire spinning shots- I was going to try do a full alphabet.

Couldn't be bothered in the end though, dealing with a fast moving object and low shutter speeds, it's a pain to do.


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:If you were any good at line isolations then a lot of letters would be entirely possible, but yeah, those ones are just done by holding the poi.

Big problems come into trying to write letters in the air because of the timings involved, its hard to perfectly time a shot like that. I remember trying to draw a heart for a I heart You anniversary gift for a now ex. It was really hard to get the picture to start taking at EXACTLY the right time, with letters being more complicated it'd be harder, while not "impossible"

I'm skeptical on whether or not it'd look good in real life either, I think that the movements that the "letter" is framed by would crowd the letter and you'd never distinguish it.

But being new to poi, this probably isn't something you're considering anyway, but I thought I'd give a little ramble.



Posted:Thanks guys big help smile

I am somewhat new to Poi but I love it!


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