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just wondering - does anyone know about Poi workshops / practice / meets north of watford (ie: UK - in the north?!?!), ie: manchester or leeds, liverpool, sheffield, chester anywhere?!????. i'd be willing to help with setup, place and plenty of space... for me a commute to london is just a bit of a mission, however much my Poi are dying to go for a good spin! cheeerrrs, good days 2u all.

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Hey Bells, welcome to HoP There's plenty spinners in Madchester: click here to see , & even more in Sheffield. Check out the Meet Others section & the International Gatherings Forum for more stuff.

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ROTFLMAO @ anything higher than watford is just round the corner from me!

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ROTFLMAO?...huh? Pardon senor...mas despacio por favour. Bloody southerners
Firemorph...where did that link go..not sure if it's cos of this mac I'm using or inability to use it, but it don't go no-where boy.

oh...and while I'm here

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Do you guys actually get northern lights in england? what about scotland?

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If ur willing to come to West Yorkshire... Huddersfield then we'd be chuffed were trying 2 get some more spinners coming. Only 4 of us @ the mo. Check out Manchester, dunno about Leeds as yet. Anyways if you are interested feel free to ask for any events we might have planned. Eg next sunday.