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I have a pair of rainbow Glow Poi, and one of them has stopped working. I haven't had them long enough for the batteries to be dead or anything, and it's always very easy to tell when they are going bad. Any suggestions of a way to fix it? I no longer have the packaging or anything that they came in, so I don't think sending it back is an option.
Even if the only solution is to get a new one, I figured more experienced Poi spinners would be able to give me some advice.


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Open it up and look for loose soldering points where wires connect, or a potentially but unlikely burned spot on the LED. But always try changing the batteries first. Batteries discharge constantly and it may be that you put old ones in.


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If you bought them from HoP contact Chris in Support and he will send you a replacement. No need to send anything back

Contact HoP page or chris (at) homeofpoi (dot) com

May your balls always burn

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