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Hey guys! I have just recently been given a staff for christmas and have started to mess around a bit. I am using youtube to get lessons. I was just wondering what moves shall i learn first to further enable me to progress?

*Figure of 8
*Side throws
*Side spins
*The Wall

Thanks guys
Bonita x

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reverse fig. 8
and fig. 8 in your weak hand
and reverse fig. 8 in yer weak hand

By the wall do you mean rotor? where it is spinning in front of you? try doing horizontal spins above yer head.

Pinwheels are fun its done behind the back and i cant really describe but Meg has a ton of videos on her site...which i think is stickied at the top of this forum


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Yeah what Poje said.

Check the sticky at the top of this forum (here's a link to it: [Old link])

Here's a beginner's contact guide she made too: [Old link]

Those should give you loads to do!! :-)


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