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How's your Flow? Would you like to Spin Fire better than you do? I would.
Would you like to add a meditative and personal growth aspect to your Flow Arts practice?

Andy House and Burning dan, Rif, Amber and Teafaerie are teaching Flow Arts classes in Hollwood.
Each of these 5 teachers is an amazing fire spinner who has created real benefit in their life through the personal practice of Flow Arts. You can too!
We'll hone your skills, help you apply your fire spinning practice to making your life Flow and making you a smoother person.
You'll become a better spinner through personal instructions from experienced people. Not just by learning more tricks -- though you'll learn that too.

We teach classes in Poi, Staff, Hoop, Meteor and Juggling Sticks.
After the 6 weeks, there's a field trip to Burn Club at which Burning dan will make a photo of you dancing with fire.
Check out some examples of Burning dan's FIRE PHOTOS !!!
You'll get an awesome keepsake photo that'll be emblematic of this time in your life... when you're 80 and looking back at now, and telling your grandchildren who you are, you'll REALLY want an awesome photo of you doing this.

All classes except staff are Sundays, Staff is Monday nights. All classes are in Hollywood. The semester starts January 11. See our website for schedule -
You can get yourself an awesome New Years gift, you can get your parents to buy it for you, you can buy it for your parents, you can get it for your significant other or your buddy -- so they can practice with you! dan has been teaching his 65 year old mom -- it's created a new connection between them that's simply amazing!

Your tuition includes a daily coaching/encouraging/motivating/reminding-to-practice phone call IF YOU WANT IT. It includes our commitment to your success and enjoyment.
Flow Arts practice also helps you conquer the procrastination habit. Starting now! Go to our website to sign up now (on the first page, under the Obama fire spinning video, there's a link to the sign up page) SIGN UP smile
Looking forward to see you there

All the best

The FlowTempleTeam

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To learn - read. To know - write. To master - teach . . .