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PJB21PJB21experamentalist and chucker
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Location: london

i know this is rather random, but ive seen many pictures or people spinning and contact and also many videos, however i was wondering if anyone had any long exposure shots of contact moves on fire, for example the matrix with the full fire trails.

im sure im not the only person interested in the patterns


TankboySILVER Member
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The thing is, contact staff moves tend to not to create such interesting patterns, so the long exposure fun is kinda lost on them. imo

unlike poi, which has become so much about pattern (understandably), contact staff is more about the manipulation of a stick with your body, without much attention payed to the pattern the ends trace, but rather, the over all pattern of the stick in relation to the body.

so...if you play with it, id love to see pictures, i just feel that the artform isnt as cut out for still photography as poi is.

Fire_MooseFire_MooseSILVER Member
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i know Meg has a bad ass pic of an angel roll on site i guess youd call it.


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PJB21PJB21experamentalist and chucker
21 posts
Location: london

Tankboy: yeah i thought that would be the case, but surely there's still some out there...? dunno... when i get good and possess a fire staff ill do it =)

Poje: cool, ill see if i can find that =)


-sandy--sandy-BRONZE Member
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I've done a few long exposures with contact but as Tankboy says, they dont look very good. The matrix just turns into a big firey ball and you cant make out anything in the middle, angel rolls look ok cos they have a low number of beats and travel a reasonable distance, fishtails look like a figure of 8, just a circle. SNES, Steves, conveyors all look crap, headspins look ok as do chest spins but you need a fast exposure to catch any detail.

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SkattoSkattoGOLD Member
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Yeah I agree, I did a photography project on fire arts a year ago and the staff moves often created less interesting effects than the poi did.

I mostly used the staff to slowly draw interesting shapes and movements as opposed to actually recording myself performing contact stuff. Things like...

(Which isn't very good anyway :p)

My friends say that they always prefer watching firestaff displays, but for pictures and the like - they think that poi look more dramatic.

There are a few kickass fire staff pics out there though. smile


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MynciMynciBRONZE Member
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Long exposure for Doubles however can look awesome wink like poi but with 4 point of lights I wonder if staff on staff contact would produce a good pic? would have to be not too long an exposure otherwise it could turn into a ball of light.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

squidsquidBRONZE Member
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Location: sur, USA

What if the pictures were taken from above? Seems like many contact staff moves involve the staff being horizontal, so the light trails would be confused.

Maybe that's a whole new avenue to explore: staff patterns that make good photo trails.

Oooh, like a kickup over the head to a catch on the other side. Firey rainbow?
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happyinmotionSILVER Member
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Location: New Zealand

Good things can be done... but I really can't show you yet...

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i think above would work quite well.
the best i have seen is if you do the staffing on a reflective surface like shallow water. so you get both the front on and from below.
it really helps to place the trails around the body.

akgraphicsakgraphicsSILVER Member
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Location: Churchill College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I like making flower patterns by doing rotors (two hands) and moving the centre of rotation around:

I'd like to see the photography of contact staff focusing on the staff around the body, rather than the fire trails themselves - the staff as it goes around, during a matrix move, is simply incredible ... never mind the trails smile

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