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Hey guys,
I'm landing in Vancouver in January, and I'll be doing some mind-bending Poi workshops for all the new and experienced Vancouver Poi spinners who wish to attend!

The plan is as follows:

Wednesday, January 14, location TBA - daytime spin jam, practice session, and a chance to see me in action, as well as a chance for me to see what everyone is up to. Possible evening jam as well.

The 1st and 2nd workshops are rooted in foundation building blocks. As such they are great for beginners to get a jump-start. They will help intermediate to advanced spinners find and patch holes in their form and gain deeper insight and understanding into the building blocks that make up all of their advanced movements.

Thursday, January 15, 7-8:30 pm at the Scotiabank Dance Centre - workshop 1

"Learning to spin with your Body 1st"

1st phase of class: Miming poi

* Warm-up, Timing and direction with your arms: the 4 modes
* The Hallway and keeping your bearings
* Footwork
* Footwork Drills (expect to be a little silly)
* Try to move your feet and your arms at the same time!
* Focus points and transition points for the 4 modes wile turning!!

2nd phase:

* 4 modes with poi
* Footwork drills with poi!
* pinpoint your problem areas and polish them
* Where can we push it: Pirouettes and other silliness!

Friday, January 16, 7-8:30 pm at the Scotiabank Dance Centre - workshop 2

"Geometry with 1 and 2 poi: Time Sculpture"

1st phase will be: The Geometry of a circle from 2D to 2.5D

* Anatomy of a circle
* Pushing and pulling the circle
* Figure-eights, of the bent variety
* Cross-Points
* Zones around your body

2nd phase: the Poi Dancing together

* Loops and Arcs
* Symmetry and Harmonic Proportion
* Driving Styles
* Where can we go with Hybrids and/or Framing?

Saturday, January 17, afternoon, location TBA - workshop 3, and a closing spin jam, practice session, and burn if the weather is right.

The 3rd class will delve deeper into assembling more advanced moves, and jam on specific tricks and moves people wanna learn.

The other 2 classes are rather nice prerequisites to the 3rd.


One workshop is $30.
Two workshops are $55
All three are $80

If you pay by January 9, the cost is $75 (please contact David Yates for details about how to pay early).
The Wednesday session is donation to cover the cost of renting space.

Further details are being arranged at this very moment, so please stay tuned for more. Thurs and Fri night locations are confirmed.

my policy on workshop payment:
I've dedicated my life to pursuing Poi as deeply as I can, and sharing what I find. If you can afford to pay as advertised, do so, because it's worth it! That helps me keep doing what I love and sharing it with both you and the rest of the world. If you honestly can't afford it however, I'd rather you contact me and let me know. In that case I will graciously accept what you feel is fair for your current means. I'd rather have you come out to play and learn, rather than be turned away because of money. No matter what, bring your enthusiasm for sharing in our collective exploration of this wonderful art! My email is

For more details about the workshops, please contact David Yates. listing
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-Alien Jon

+Alien Jon

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Holy Crap !!!!!

Something in EPG that i can actually relate too...woot !!!

Actually, the only reason I'm here is because i was specifically looking for this topic having received a heads up via Nick's newsletter yesterday.

Right now, Friday and Saturday are looking like the best options, maybe Thursday too, but I have to sort out a place to stay...not too difficult.

A while back on another thread I mentioned I'd found "this guy" in Vancouver who I was hoping to contact with the idea of hiring him to watch me spin and critique my style. Well that guy is David Yates and I'll contact him about the possibility of combining that idea with your workshops.

I'd also be up for hiring you for a private session. assuming you're free during the day times that you're in Vancouver.

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yay! the 14th is the day before i leave to thailand, so i will actually be in Vancouver! so at least i may get to meet ya, and play a while. Superb! Yipee! i will spread the word to some of the islanders here too...

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