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Well I once drank a catering size bottle of tabasco sauce once during a street show, and I was violently ill, suprised? Any-way I just wanted to know any-one's most dodgy, embarassing or down right stupid thing that has happend during a performance?

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Um..I once hit myself in the funbags with both Poi at the same time and knocked myself off my feet. Not too bad, and I suppose you had to be there really. We were actually filming ourselves to try and get some sort of "You've been framed" type accident, and the only one that happened was that..but someone had pressed stop grrr

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had my genitals go into an angle grinder once, ended up looking like a dalmation for 2 weeks, was on stage at a club in plymouth at the time, could have been very serious, not my fault though, stupid costume get in the way and took my pants and all with it.


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Aww guys, now you are making me feel inferior (again).

The worst thing to ever happen to me in a performance was to bash myself on the kneecap with a really fast moving staff.

It hurt like hell, and I played it up, limping for parts of the act, then 'forgetting' sometimes and then 'remembering' to limp again.

A few people came up to me afterwards and said that they really thought I had hurt myself at first but then realised it was an act.

Then i showed them my knee, which actually had the skin split (from the wick!).

I've taken their comments as a great compliment that I managed to fool everyone into thnking it was an act when it wasn't.

But then again, everything else pales beside genitals in a grinder!!!

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PK you almost got that bisection you were dreaming of for free.

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Charles, that's cos you spin too fast.

Pk, erm yeah. Well done.

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- Did a move where my arm came straight out to the side which resulted in my wristband pinging someone in the head.

- Had my Poi wrap in my hair, but not catch it on fire.

- At one point in my show I do the hug of death on an obscure individual from the audience and kiss him on the cheek. I had a little girl yell at me..."He's married to my mom you know!" If it were a more adult show I would've answered 'not for long' but I couldn't do that in front of 36- children.

- Got bit by a poisonous spider the night before and went on ill, and on one foot. Ummm...bad idea.

- Grass was wet so I did a knee drop/split in ways I never intended, nor warmed up to do.

- Had a buzzsaw get too close, smack the underside of my boob and turn in another direction. Thank god Nomad told people I had intended to do that and named it the "boobie bounce", which is quite a fun move once mastered!

- Set Prometheus' arse on fire, and then our safety swept in with the Fire Blanket fanned out like a cape, tapped him on the bum gently and put it out. The whole thing was very melodramatically funny. I would love to replicate it for a show someday!

- Have had pins on costumes give and have the costume start to slide south.

- Went to speak to the audience right when a huge keroburp had backbuilt. Not polite, but it felt real good!

- Oh, and yeah, how could I forget, inhaled fuel which resulted in 3 minutes of gut wretching and a nifty ride in an ambulance. It was soooo humiliating.

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Boobie bounce v.amusing
I think genitals in an angle grinder has to take it, I'm cringing just thinking about it

boing...boing...When the naive man admits his naivete, he is no longer naive.Thus, all people are regarded by society as either ignorant or a liar.Wonders never cease, as long as you never cease to wonder.

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Hmm sawing through a metal cod piece or was it just a case of wrong tool for the job? Reminds me of this show I did for the perverts ball which invoved piercing my foreskin and swinging Poi of the end in a Charlie Chaplin send-up. Thats on for the dodgy side of things will release the embarrising feat later...
stay tuned

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Actually, like Charles, I feel inferior compared to all that you folk have managed to do to yourselves...(the genitals in a grinder- Owch!)
Once when twirling my staff, I went out on one end, and the (hot!) screws holding my wick on that end burnt the back of my leg.
The other day, when showing something (in fast mode... ) to my twirling friend, I whacked myself on the back of the head where the skull joins the neck... really hurt & I gained a nice bruise... but other than that, I haven't really hurt myself.

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weeelll.. i look forward to repeating sun-up at glasto last year... when i threw a staff much higher and faster than ever before..... before taking it plum in the forehead and leaving myself with a lovely blue third eye...

not seen pks genitals for scars tho

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I said I'ld post some-thing embarassing here. But I have no shame, so I've never done an embarassing performance.
Thinking thinking....
Back to dodgy, when I was in a performance troupe called Dodgy Pudding my dear friend spun alot of fountains (sparkly fire-works which weren't illigal cause we was in the N.T.) Yet they left the end of her chain and ended up in the crowd.
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Dwanos, it seems to me that you really started this cos you got loads of dodgy stories and are dying to tell tjhem without soundign like a total saftey hazzard. Good on ya!!! give us some more.


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