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Posted:I'm trying to get feedback from folks on what to do...but beware...this question is a little bit different! I want to use potassium chloride for a purple flame, but there's a twist...I want to use it for kinky fire play. Iso 70% is what is normally used, but doesn't work with colorants as I've discovered. Denatured will work but burns at a much higher temp. Is it possible to add water to bring this temp down comparable to what 70% is? If so, how many parts? I don't know what kind of denatured is safe to put on skin or what kind to get. I know someone that has witnessed a scene that used a green flame. It would be great if I could figure this out, but not sure how to proceed safely. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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Posted:I'm not sure if adding water will reduce the burn temperature, the alcohol will still burn at the same temperature but will be weaker / more dilute. it may bring it down slightly as less alcohol would be burning at any one time but I wouldn't have thought significantly.

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Posted:frankly, i doubt this will work..

im not sure why, im just highly dubious smile


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Posted:Adding water to fuel will not decrease the burning temperature... In fact, it will probably make you get burned even faster.

Also, using colored fuels for anything that will contact your skin is a bad idea. Most chemicals used for coloring fuels are highly toxic, especially when burnt. I don't know too much about potassium chloride but a quick check of the MSDS seems to indicate it's not good for you.

Id suggest sticking to the basic 70% iso for your fire play... If you want a bigger thrill try the 92% - 99% stuff... Or white gas for the truly hardcore smile

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Posted:yeah, put a little gas can on your rope and set fire on it.

do NOT do it

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Posted:i'm not a professional industrial chemist but....

i would think adding water to it would just cause the alcohol to burn at the same temp and make steam of the water, so you'll have fuel burns and steam burns. plus as previously stated most chemicals use to create coloured flames are usually produce highly toxic fumes....i wouldnt want to know what that can do to the skin.

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Posted:Bad. Potassium Chloride according to it's MSDS will do this to you:

Diarrhoea. Nausea. Vomiting. Weakness. Convulsions. Redness. Pain. Cough. Sore throat.

And the water will just give you steam burns as well. smile Stick with standard flame colours to avoid giving yourself a skin removal operation.


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