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YorkshireSILVER Member
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If you enter hyperloops from the left side instead of the right, would you go out to the left to add the extra twist or the right? Or is still the same, right side add twist, left side takes it off?

DaGGOLD Member
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To add a twist you always have to exit the same side you entered. Entering from the left, you would +1 on the left side and -1 on the right.

Another important thing with pluses and minuses is you have to always lead with the correct Poi,
coming in from the left it would be your left hand Poi that leads the loop. This means your left would be be the first Poi to enter and exit the +1 and -1 s.
Although if you can already come out of 3, 5 and 7 beat hyperloops you would know this. grin