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Posted:Totally poi unrelated but.....

Can anyone help, Deserately need footage of earthy stuff. Flowing water, fire, earthquakes that kinda stuff. Needs to be completely neautral. Uhh no people, cars or anything man-made. Just raw earthy stuff. But... The real problem is the resolution. I can find loads of small, dissappointing flics of shakey camera movement and tiny file file sizes. I need stuff around 720 x 576 preferably avi. (needs to be projected 6m x 8m). My deadline is getting alittle too close for comfort and the result so far is not good enough. Now 'm kindof reaching out to the nearest hand that has a nice help ring on. HHHEEEELLLLPPP me someone. Any ideas anyone.
purdy pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeees.
tnx, Mot.

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Posted:film some fire.... thats earthy! well natural anyway. other than that cant help sorry dude, wish you luck though


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Posted:depends if this is something where you need to worry about copyrights or not. If not, lots of the IMAX movies showing exactly what you want are available on kazaa.

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Posted:Wise words Poly, wise words.
Zank you very much, You have saved me considerable hassle,
A big-assed cyber hug to you

Come forth and thou shalt win enternal happiness. but he came fifth so he won an electric toatser.


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Posted:theres a film called Baraka (I think) which is exactly the sort of thing youre talking about. Its quite recent and available on DVD or VHS

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