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Posted:Dont know how old this video is....but the technic is exzellent

cheers TT

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Posted:haha awesome I can remember that this video was posted in 2004.. oh man I was sooo amazed by it back then (and still am today but in a different way) grin



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Is that trydent thing common? I think i saw a guy in cirque de solie using one just a few weeks ago.
It makes such a strange sound.

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Posted:LOL, I almost forgot about this video...I did not realized that someone posted it on Youtube. My wife found it online last night. ;-) This is was a rehearsal and video was shot back in '97 when I was performing at Ringling Brothers Circus with a different act. I still play with it once in a while. It is fun!!!!! Two metal circular plates at the end of the trident make noise when it spins. Depending on the speed and the angle it sound differently.

Aydar (aka CUBE)


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