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Joe Marshall

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Posted: Hi all,

A quick thing below about a thing I wrote to program aerotech ultimate clubs with a proper graphical user interface. I put this on rec.juggling, but it occurred to me that aerotech make ultimate Poi now, which this should work with too, so it might well be of interest to HOP people. Anyone fancy trying it?

Original message below:

In case anyone is interested, a little thing I wrote a bit back and
only just got round to putting it on the web, which lets you program
aerotech ultimate clubs on a timeline, and also lets you synchronised
start the clubs along with your music, (you can even add in a delay
for you to get from wherever your laptop is, to wherever you want to

Includes help, so look at that if you get stuck.

For Windows only at present, I don't have a Mac at the moment, or time
to port it.
I don't know if it works with the new 2.1 club firmware, as I haven't
got round to updating mine - I guess it probably should work okay, but
no guarantees, maybe over Christmas or something I'll get round to
updating it.

No-one else has played with it, so it may or may not work on your
computer, eat your clubs for breakfast or whatever. As the computer
nerds always say, it works on my computer. This is absolutely not an
official Aerotech product (although thanks to Aerotech for the help in
making it work).

It's sort of free, but like it says on the startup screen, if you do
find yourself using it for your 16 club juggling super-routines* and
it turns out really useful, it'd be nice if you gave me some money -
these toys don't buy themselves you know! If you need a modified
version / a larger number of clubs or whatnot, then drop me an email,
we can probably work something out.

Any comments, feedback etc. welcome.


*although not having tested it on large numbers of clubs I have no
idea if they will synch up perfectly.

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Posted:Wow... fantastic!

I might actually be able to use my Poi now smile

Will pass it on to my geeky boyfriend to figure out whether or not we can use it...

Thanks grin

Getting to the other side smile


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