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Posted: So I finally caught up with the crowd and brought and MP3 Player and have since started listening to a few cool podcast. Do you have any cool ones you could recommend? Maybe about performing and Poi or not?

These are some of the ones that i have really been enjoying.

The Juggling Podcast by Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle
Even though I'm not a high level juggler and most of the content is based on stuff in Europe i still really enjoy listening to this podcast and there are lots of great tips about performing even if you don't juggle and the audio quality is fantastic.

Here are my current favorite

Thread Banger ( DIY sewing and eco Video Podcast)
This one is really cool they explain how to make lots of cool Clothes and things and they have a few new podcasts every week so there is always something to watch on the bus.

This one is probably only interesting if you are into sideshow type stuff, is quite US centric and the audio quality is not always the best but i still enjoy the interviews with performers.

I haven't come across any Poi Pod cast or other performing ones but really hope there are some more out there smile

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Posted:Now THERE's and ides.

the original HoP Podcast!

Featuring spinners from around the world, talking random rubbish and interesting moves and some cool tunes.

Hmmm, cross-reference the save HoP thread...



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