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Posted:Hi. I am looking for anyone with animation experience that could help me out. I am a professional magician, contact juggler, and soon to be a regular public poi spinner.

What I need is a quick animation. Like what Nick Woolsey has at the beginning of all his videos. He had got that standard animation/heading with the guy and the two circles made by the red dot.

Well I need that same sort of thing. Not the same design, but the same concept. I do not have that many ideas floating around in my head. But I would like one for magic, contact juggling, and poi. So if anyone here is willing to help me out, whether it be a professional animator, or a hobbyist. I hope we can work something out.

P.S. I do not own Flash, which would probably be used. But I do have Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 if that could come of use.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: If anyone who will help, if this website will help give you ideas. It is my temp. website until I work out details for a full domain:

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