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Posted:Mr.Lio(Liu?)Laoshi Teacher from the Beijing Cicus Skool
and a Duo from gypt

enjoy it cheers ThaiTom

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Posted:Thanks HEAPS for that vid of the teacher from the Beijing Circus school.. I have met a couple of his students but to see him and what he is doing and how much he enjoys it!!!
That's just fantastic

And the Egyptians... WHAT?!?!?
It actually made me think of the What's wrong with Poi thread and the general implication that object manipulation has to be wrapped up in bogus stories and metaphorical poncing to be interesting. No it doesn't@ It has to be GOOD!!! And that part of the thrill factor of staff lies in the knowledge that the staff could just fly off into space so much more easily than stick near the body. Further thoughts on that other thread the other thread where they belong...

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Posted:Thanks for posting that link especially to Laoshi, I love watching the feicha and the smile smile