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Posted:Hello fellow Poi people!!

i need a favor...

im taking a videomaking class and one of the assignments is to make a music video.. the requirements are that the lyrics have to tell some kind of story, so i want to do a music video of someone running away from something.. but i dont know any songs with lyrics that tell a story about someone being chased.

so i need your help.. any ideas??
please and thank you!!


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Posted:closest i can think of is "the distance" by CAKE


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Posted:What about Nina Simone's Sinnerman? Or any other version, really, but Simone's rendition just *screams* "Chase Scene!"

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Posted:I have no ideas for chase songs BUT!, here. It tells a story and its awesome.

"Still Alive - GLaD0S"

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Posted:didnt that british comedian have the classic chase scene song? although that wasnt so much dramatic chase...

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