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Posted:has anyone had a play around with fire jump ropes?
any troubles or things to look for when purchasing them?
can they be skipped with like usual skipping ropes?
i just wanted to get a singles one like


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Posted:Never tried them, but if the wick hits the ground, which is common in normal jump-roping from what I have seen, the wick will fray pretty quickly. Just something to be aware of. Otherwise, I imagine that the actual techniques would be pretty similar.

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Posted:Yep they can be used like a normal skipping rope.

Though i would not recommend them to somebody unless they have had a lot of experience working with fire. They can easily wrap them selves around people or legs and they are hard to put out.

Also due to the nature of the prop they are really only good for performances. Because the skipping rope will be constantly hitting the ground, the Kevlar rope has a fairly limited life span.


PS: Most things like this have been discussed fairly in depthly before so it would be worth doing a bit of a search on the subject first.

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Posted:I've got one, & it's one of my favorite props.

There exactly like using any other skipping rope, but there is a lot of stuff that you've gotta be awear of.

-First time you lite it, your gonna be intimidated by the amount of fire in your hands, and because of it's size, there hard to put out.
-If you get tangeled up, you will probly get badly burnt
-Be cautious about using it inside, they can 'spin out' a lot of fuel, they genarate a lot of heat, and the flames are really really big
-The Kevler rope can have a short life if it's constently hitting the ground.

Their loads of fun & look septacular, but there is real risks with them.

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