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Location: Sydney, Australia
Member Since: 25th Apr 2003
Total posts: 13
Posted:Does anyone know where i can get tickets to Splendour at Byron. I really need one extra ticket, even though they're sold out. Anyone selling one or know of someone who is?

Location: Australia
Member Since: 12th Mar 2003
Total posts: 254
Posted:no but i wish i had money/money/money to get there

did i mention i wished i had the money?

If life was a ball of fire...i would be the poi sustaining it

Location: Brisvegas, Aus
Member Since: 31st Mar 2002
Total posts: 53
Posted:everyone i know who has them is holding onto them for dear life! try looking in the trading post/ weekend shopper and those things though cause you might find one in there. i'll keep my ears open for you though... what ticket did you want? weekend, sat, sun? i have a friend who desperately wants a sunday ticket too so the pressures on! anyways good luck


Location: sydney, australia
Member Since: 27th Apr 2003
Total posts: 47
Posted:no sorry... i got mine and im holding tight...
but once again... i also need an extra one

Location: Sydney, Australia
Member Since: 25th Apr 2003
Total posts: 13
Posted:thanks..yeah will keep my eye out. I have a ticket..but my friend is desperate to come (as is everyone else). We're after the weekend and camping tix.
Looking forward to it sooooo much..should be a good weekend!

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