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This message is for people who live in France, i live in paris and i looking for people which are praticed poi ... i heve been pratice for a few weeks and i need a coach or people who would like to exchange experience ... so mail me please

depuis quelques mois je me suis mise au jonglage mais voila apprendre toute seule n est pas forcement evident et puis ce n est pas tres marrant d apprendre toute seule ... paris est grand il y a de nombreux parcs ... contactez moi julyyy@hotmail.com

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Posted:Above you see the communities option, then 'meet others' then 'search'. Lots of spinners in Paris to email there!

Good luck, welcome to HOP.

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Posted:OOOOOO why don't you try Cass and Raphael 96 . Cass is travelling around the world at the moment but im sure she'll be back soon .

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