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raven_synergypoigalSILVER Member
17 posts
Location: North London, England (UK)

My names Raven.
Basic story.. I've just started my BA Ceative Expressive Therapies at Derby Uni and am on the hunt for local spinners and general circusy people!
I found a club called Tomfoolery but its on thursday eve when ive got my one evening lecture (bugger uni for timing!).. so yea
Wanting to either find an existing group that spins on a diff day, or just some random peeps that wanna hang out or maybe even start a club?
Ive tried out CASPS (circus and street performers society at the uni) but didnt find anyone there that really inspired me or i felt i had a lot to learn from.. I guess coming from the london spinners scene derby is always gonna feel kinda dull.. cant find any hardcore spinners as of yet..
just hoping to god there are some of you out there!!!


Peace Out Dudes and Dudettes!


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sminkybazzaSILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

Hello, I've just moved to Derby (no longer a student frown ) and would be interested in some social spinning! I'm going to check out that Tomfoolery group, but if you're still looking let me know! I'm guessing you've found the Derby Uni society CASPS?



raven_synergypoigalSILVER Member
17 posts
Location: North London, England (UK)

heya. forgot to log onto here for feckin ages lol. definately would appreciate some spinning company! esp when the weather gets warmer again.. feeling really isolated and unspinny.. lol
yea i found CASPS.. nice guys but wasnt anyone majorly skillful for me to learn from so got bored and left.
i havent checked out tomfoolery yet. apparently theyre very jugglers rule, poi spinners drool lol let me know what theyre like though incase thats crap and theyre really nice lol
hope ya log on more than me and reply to this
peace out


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