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Posted:Hi there peoples
a short time ago saw some people spinning in civic at the chess pit and i read someting about it hear. i was wondering if this still goes on and what would one have to do to participate in said events

thanks stacks

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Posted:Hi Bandaid Girl
Yes, it still goes on - just not during fire-bans, bad weather, or when people are away on holidays, etc. When things cool down a bit, try turning up at the Chess Pit in Civic on Friday night at about 8.30pm - if no-one turns up by 9pm, try the next friday night - there is enough of a community that someone should turn up.

You don't even need your own stick - and if you are a total beginner, that's ok too. Just turn up and say 'hi'.

Or if you want to learn AND get a firestick, try my firetwirling course at CIT http://come.to/firemania/



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Posted:hey guys im trying to find ANYTHING that happens in canberra (apart from roundabouts) on our roady down to melbourne juggling conv, any ideas? a place to stay would be even better!